The Importance of Improving the Customer Journey

The Importance of Improving the Customer Journey

Running a casino is easy. Just open the doors and get out of the way. This isn’t wholly accurate but the sentiment is something most companies seem to forget when it comes to their e-commerce policies. When a customer wants to buy a product from you, just get out of the way.

The customer journey is basically the roadmap that the content of a website guides users through. For e-commerce platforms this is fairly straightforward. Item Page >> Cart >> Checkout >> Payment Confirmation. However, most companies find that customers don’t always go through the whole thing, often stopping at Cart.

Some companies staff entire teams to figure out why this happens and there are a number scenarios that can explain the behavior. But the most common reason why this happens is because companies often disrupt the customer journey. One example is when companies ask for too much information from the customer right before Checkout.

There are valid reasons for why a company might want to do this, but the way they go about it is disruptive and disturbs what should have been a sure sale. If you look through company listings of the most successful businesses in any given industry, you’ll find names that are too big to fail or companies that perfected their customer journeys.

We recently entered a partnership with a Shopify development company who regularly outsource development projects to our team.

One of the most common tasks that they deal with is streamlining their client’s customer journey. This requires a keen understanding of what the client actually wants to get out of the project or what they want to communicate to users.

It’s only when the eventual owners of the platform know how they want their customers to see them can any meaningful strategy planning take place. A company can’t guide their customers towards any kind of goal if they’re blind to their own goals themselves.

The importance of the customer journey is just one aspect of Shopify and e-commerce development that companies need to take into account. If you want to learn more about the industry, contact us today. We’ll set an appointment and discuss the best strategy that fits your business.

The Importance of Improving the Customer Journey

Ittanta Technologies
March 30, 2021
12 :00AM