MS-1202g Voyager

MS-1202g Voyager

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Product Information

MS-1202g Voyager, USB, black

Bluetooth class 2 technology
Bluetooth class 2 power level provides a communication range of 10 meters between the cordless scanner and scanner base or access point, depending on the environment.

Excellent poor quality and damaged bar code reading
Increases throughput while reducing the potential risks and extra time involved with manual data entry.

Fast and tool-free battery removal
Changing Voyager 1202`s battery is fast and easy – no tools are required. We help you move quickly so that you can help others.

Long battery life
Voyager 1202g`s user-preferred Lithium ion battery lasts 12,5 hours and 45 000 scans per charge, and can be quickly recharged in 4 hours or less.

Aggressive scan performance
Delivers aggressive scanning of virtually all linear bar codes, thereby increasing productivity.

Multi-interface with automatic interface detection and configuration
Voyager 1202`s multi-interface detection supports all popular interfaces in a single device, eliminating the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes to establish host communication.

Paging functionality
Quickly and easily find your misplaced scanner with the press of a button

Intuitive user feedback
Features a fully programmable LED and an adjustable beeper that can be heard in various environments, providing users with visual and audible confirmation of a successful scan.

Hands-free presentation scanning
Maximizes throughput with true object detection and automatic in-stand configuration

Optical sensor laser
Light source laser diode 650nm ± 10 nm
Scan speed 100 lines/s
Dimensions (L x W x D) scanner: 66 x 180 x 92 mm, base: 67 x 200 x 97 mm
Material plastic
Interface PS2 / RS-232 / USB
Supported barcodes all commonly used barcodes
Color black
USB connection ano