Keyboard EK-7000 Double

Keyboard EK-7000 Double

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Product Information

Keyboard EK-7000 Double

Programmable EK-7000 keyboards are an ideal accessory for cash registers in commercial and restaurant services. In addition, the cash registers can be used on a PC or any devices that is equipped with a USB port or a standard PS2 input. The keyboard has two PS2 inputs for additional external devices, such as a barcode scanner or another programmable keyboard.

The version Single has 56 keys; the second layer increases the number of keys to 111, a single key can be programmed with up to 16 functions. The keyboard has keyboard labels easily replaceable by the user, allowing for textual or graphical representation of goods, and the practical washable rubber cover protects the keyboard from damage. The variable stands with brackets provide simple and ergonomic mounting. This enables optimal arrangement of the sales points and efficiency in registration.


Searching in the list of goods and finding the correct code on bread, vegetables or meat products will no longer delay you.
The keyboard allows you:

  • Graphic or verbal description of the goods thanks to removable labels which accelerate billing.
  • Keys are located by your specifications, so billing is as comfortable as possible.


With one touch you can ring sales and also finishing selling frequently used items, so billing is accelerated to the maximum.

The keyboard allows you:

  • To program a key so that all sales were made by pressing a single button. A series of commands are used, for example. “PLU TOTAL 267” or “5500 OTHER PRICE 125 PLU TOTAL”.
  • You can program multiple items on a single key for which a combination is often used (bread and drink, 2x beer).


Multiple items can be programmed under one key. Use this function for gift baskets or a lunch menu. Billing is speeded up and the customer does not have to wait in line for a long time.

The keyboard allows you:

  • To program 16 different items on one key.
  • Program any combination of several keys to speed up and simplify the job.


Through the programmable EK-7000 keyboard it is possible to define the function of the keys, so when you press lunch menu you can sell main dishes, soups and drinks, completing the entire sale at the same time. When selling frequently recurring items (no barcode) the PLU key input is omitted, thus saving time and minimizing the error rate. The significant advantages of the EK-7000 compared with a standard PC keyboard are: the resistant keyboard design, the quality of the materials, the rubber keyboard cover (prevents dirt and liquids from getting in), the possibility of mounting it to stands and holders for maximum comfort in registering and its small and practical dimensions.

Through a PC keyboard connected to a cash register, you must sell a lunch menu with drink by entering the main dishes PLU, the soups PLU, the drinks PLU and the TOTAL to complete the sale.


  • Cherry keys guarantee up to 50 million strokes per key, and in the case of failure, only one key needs to be replaced (e.g. PLU, Enter), not the entire keyboard.
  • Durable hygienic and washable keyboard cover (prevents dirt and liquids from getting in).
  • Keyboard stands and mounts for convenient and ergonomic use at a sales location.
  • Simple programming in English.
  • Programmable PLU keys can replace all numeric or cursor keys and thus shorten the billing time.
EK-7000 PC keyboard
Guarantee keystroke quantity 50 mil. 0,5 mil.
Possibility of programming yes no
Number of functions under one key up to 16/2 layers 1
Possibility of connecting external devices yes no
Possibility of replacing only one dysfunctional key yes no
Estimated cost to replace a dysfunctional key 13 € 10 €
Relatively failure in a sycle of 500,000 strokes monthly 8 years 1 month
Costs of relative failure for 8 years 13 € 960 €
Programmability yes
Numbers of keys 112
Scan codes program 16 (double-layer max. 8 function per key)
Single-layer keyboard 112
Double-layer keyboard 222
Interface USB, PS2 (by reduction)
Connection USB (reduction PS2)
Types of keys programmable cherry keys
Scanner connection yes (PS2)
Display connection yes (PS2)
Power supply 5 V DC ±5 % (from USB)
Power consumption PS2: 275 mA, USB: 500 mA
Operation temperature 0 to 45°C
Connecting cable to an external device 1,9 m
Color dark grey