Automatic banknotes authenticator Soldi Smart Plus

Automatic banknotes authenticator Soldi Smart Plus

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Product Information

Automatický overovač bankoviek Soldi Smart Plus

An automatic detector for banknotes with the possibility of a software update

  • Clear and immediate testing results.
  • The possibility of updating the software makes it an unbeatable solution – new banknotes are no longer a problem.
  • A portable device thanks to the optional rechargeable battery
  • Couting banknotes
  • fivelangue usr men
  • easy heandling ang cleaning
  • verification of foreing currencies

The fear of receiving counterfeit money at the point of sale always leads to unpleasant moments during daily cash transactions. The Soldi Smart is extremely reliable due to its 100% detection of counterfeit banknotes. The device is easy to use; it’s fast and reliable and enables the testing of banknotes directly at the point of sale. The automatic counterfeit detection provides a precise result. Staff training is no longer even necessary thanks to its easy operation. The device can be placed almost anywhere due to its compact format and thanks to the optional available battery, Soldi Smart is ideal for mobile use. The easy-to-open cover facilitates the removal of either jammed banknotes or cleaning.

Software update:
The banknote verifier has a USB connection that you can use at any time to update the software. This feature is very useful in the case of Euro adoption. You will be able to update the banknote verifier to the euro currency and you will not have to buy new device, thus saving money!

Currency EUR | GBP | CHF |
Verification speed 0,3 s/banknote
Detection of counterfeit test by infrared light, magnetic test, test of network security thread
Inserting of banknotes in any direction
Function of updating SW yes
Communication interface USB
Accessories rechargeable battery, car charger, wall mount, mount theft
Dimensions (L x W x D) 170 x 135 x 80mm
Weight 0,5