Engagement Models

Business Engagement Models

Your business needs and problems will be always different than those of other clients because of different factors involved like industry, scope of work, level and frequency of efforts required. Consequently engagement model required in your case could be different from that needed by other clients. Considering this nature of uniqueness of your needs, we are open for various business engagement models. We are open to get engaged in other modes of your choice in addition to below listed and usually practiced different engagement models (with their general characteristics):

1. Fixed Price Model

  • Suitable For – Fixed Price Model is more suitable when the scope of the project is well defined. This makes it easier to define the projects into milestones as well as forecast the efforts and timeline required for delivery.

  • Benefits – Reliability and Lower risk, Predefined cost and delivery.

  • Cost – Fixed from the start.

  • Payment – On well and pre defined milestones.

2. Time and Material Model

  • Suitable For – This model of business engagement is more suitable where it is difficult to strictly define the scope of the project or there are more alterations required on the go bases. Projects which are large scale or complex in nature often go for this model.

  • Benefits – Allows enough efforts for business analysis and planning, Flexibility for the modifications, complete control over resources.

  • Cost – Depends on the efforts spent for the project and number of resources deployed.

  • Payment – Can be on hourly, weekly or monthly bases.

3. Dedicated Resource Model

  • Suitable For – Dedicated Resource Model is used mainly with the projects of large scale or complexity. Nowadays small but continued and assured project flow is also dealt with this model.

  • Benefits – One or more dedicated resources make the flow and workout smoother. Based on the requirement resources can be added or removed.

  • Cost – Depends on the technology, number and experience level of the hired resources.

  • Payment – Mainly on weekly or monthly bases.

4. Revenue Sharing Model

  • Suitable For – Innovative ideas and promising concepts. Many a times you have lucrative idea but lacking in technical as well as financial resources. In such case, we can join hands and put the technical resources at our cost.

  • Benefits – investment reduced, experienced technical resources working on concepts.

  • Cost – Shared between you and us.

  • Payment – Can be agreed together, also in terms of % of the revenue sharing after deployment in live environment.

Which of the models is best fit for you?

Do you have some interesting way of business engagement? We are happy to hear and open to accept.

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