Ittanta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which has specialization in end to end dexterous BIM (Building Information Modelling) services to AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) sector providing Drafting, Detailed Engineering Documentation and Modelling) services having Highly-Specialized Professionals, with experience in the field for more than 10 years, provide various engineering services to our clients.

We are one stop solution provider for knowledge based services to Construction Industry-adopting and displaying best practices around the world. We are servicing the Superior Quality, Innovation, Knowledge and Integrity – the keys to our success.

High quality, onshore & offshore project management, proven technology, and innovative solutions have propelled us into a position as a global leader specializing in Architecture, Structure, Scan to BIM solutions and MEP professional services for other utility. We help our clients develop and implement solutions that improve overall data performance, reduce risk, increase functional capabilities, and consider the future needs of the client.

Our management and production teams possess extensive backgrounds in Architecture, civil, structural, mechanical and other related disciplines. Our expertise shines through the calibre of our teams. The combination of our people, processes, and expertise provides clients with a project team that can exceed expectations for their project.


Architectural Engineering

To meet project goals, we integrated design services lead teams are tailored to each engagement. Our multidisciplinary BIM teams include architectural member, Structural member and experienced professionals.

Teams are formed at the beginning of the engagement so we can work together to solve problems and find solutions to complex architectural designs.

We focus on the smallest details, while never losing sight of the big idea, and are therefore able to hone in on aspects of a project that delivers the most value to our clients.

Combining the opportunities of each particular site with our client’s needs and unique vision, we creates three- dimensional BIM solutions that optimize design, its performance, and its ability to provide an enhanced return on investment. Our virtual design office provides each client with a new base of operation, embodying their specific culture and corporate vision, and enhancing their brand.

  • LOD 200 to 500 BIM Models
  • Detailed stage to Shop drawings to As-built Stage
  • Shop Drawings & As-built drawings
  • Co-ordination with other disciplined Models
  • BOQ and Simulations

Structural Engineering

The structural BIM team has worked on landmark marquee projects around the globe. Our proactive and collaborative approach accelerates delivery to reduce time-consuming RFIs and costly change orders. Our teams use advanced data exchange tools to identify issues, efficiently make decisions, and execute projects successfully within budget.

We own a dedicated team to deliver detailed drawings and BIM models of RCC structural elements as per standards. Our internationally experienced team can deliver BIM models and detailed drawings including BOQ Schedules for the RCC structures of High Rise Residential/Commercial Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Industrial Buildings, and Plant houses/Water tanks (overhead and underground).

Our team is proficient in using Revit and Navis software to execute BIM projects and AutoCAD to execute detailing projects.

  • LOD 200 to 500 BIM Models
  • Detailed stage to Construction drawings to As-built Stage
  • Shop Drawings & As-built Drawings
  • Co-ordination with other disciplined Models
  • BOQ Extraction

MEPF Engineering

We provide a full spectrum of MEP design and support services to major engineering consulting and construction companies worldwide.

Coordinated Service Drawings (CSD) has been prepared by coordinating all of the MEP services with the Architectural, Structural, and Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP). These are done as per the client’s requirement/specifications and strictly adhering to various International standards, both in AutoCAD and Revit. Builders Work drawings are prepared after the completion of Coordinated Service Drawings. It shows the wall and slab opening details for the MEP services to the Builder.

  • LOD-200 to 500 3D Modeling
  • As-built, specifications
  • Coordination drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • As-built Drawings

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed.

Our BIM Services employs market leading modeling software to transform design representation and help turn information into a 3D parametric environment. By modeling every step in the building lifecycle, we accelerate productivity, mitigate risks, promote innovation and help you visualize critical processes to solve business problems.

Building Information Models are used to check and analyze each discipline (architectural, MEP, and structural) for hard clashes (clashes between elements) and soft clashes (clashes between elements and required clearances).

Conflict and clash detection allows the project team to verify clearance, analyze conflicts/clashes, deliver quality documentation, and coordinate between disciplines to reduce RFI and Change Order submissions.

Scan To BIM

We provide a professional Scan to BIM modelling service, utilizing the latest technology to convert point cloud and laser survey data into sophisticated BIM models. (LOD 200 – LOD 500 BIM Models)

Our BIM models are typically created using the raw survey data which in term is a compilation of data from the rapid processing of millions of data points and images from the site in question that allow us to manage the scan to BIM process. Due to this we are able to create accurate Architectural & MEP Models that reflect & define the current state for the building.

In addition to creating a model in Revit from point cloud data, we also model other building alterations and changes from architectural and structural drawings, such as false ceilings and additional structural elements, all such elements can also have data attached and embedded within them, providing a more detailed set of data extracts for the entire existing and proposed elements of a building.

Our models include all current building trades such as Architecture, Structure, MEP & Landscape.

We provide scan-to-BIM modelling services to a number of sectors, including architects, retailers, surveyors and main contractors.

  • LOD 200 to 500 BIM Models

Scanned Drawing/PDF/ TIFF Conversion- RASTER to VECTOR

We provide Paper to CAD conversion for architects, contractors, engineers and other industry professionals and have the expertise to process Scanned Drawing/ pdf/ tiff file to CAD conversion needs aptly.

We manually redraw and recreate the final output from your raw paper drawings into various CAD formats like dwg, dxf, dgn and more. Our proficient CAD Conversion services customize the scanning process to suit specific drawing requirement and solve integration between paper drawings and AutoCAD conversion. We use heads up digitizing for best raster to vector conversion for any specific drawing or a set of drawings. We also offer quick conversion of hand-sketches to CAD format by manually redrafting drawings.

Heads up digitizing: Heads up digitizing is probably the simplest form of raster to vector conversion. In this method, we trace the scanned images by creating design file elements over scanned image and it lets the scanned images to get converted into AutoCAD file.

Hand sketches to CAD conversion: We also provide quick and easy conversion of hand-sketches to accurate CAD format by manually redrafting drawings with accurate dimensions and scale.

As Built Drawings

Original design drawings are revised to form as-built drawings that reflect changes in various fields. Design changes are brought about by change in order, component relocations for coordination, distribution systems rerouting and several other reasons. As-built drawings are often required during remodelling projects or for changes in leased space, historic preservation, emergency planning, asset management and various other purposes. We create CAD As-built drawings for residential and commercial projects. We have more than 5 years of experience in a wide array of Construction & Renovation projects and customize all drafting drawings to meet our client specifications. We provide floor plans, surveys, evacuation plans and a host of other as-built services, depending upon the owner’s needs.

Collaboration & Coordination review

  • We have done few projects with BIM360 collaboration with few clients.
  • We have delivered the output files through BIM360 DOC.
  • We have the working experience in BIM360 team.
  • For the coordination process, generally we are using Navis-work manage.
  • We have the experience to prepare Clash Report generate from Navis.
  • We have the experience in Revit- Coordination review report generate throughout the project (as per client’s requirements).

BOQ generation

  • We have the experience to generate schedule for Architectural and Structural elements from Revit. Please refer below sample:
Item no. Lavel Concrete Ceilings by Type Area Volume
1 Basement Level: Concrete 220mm 4.61 1.01
Concrete 255mm 5.65 1.44
Concrete 300mm 86.37 25.91
1 Basement Level: Concrete 220mm 4.61 1.01
Concrete 255mm 5.65 1.44
Concrete 300mm 86.37 25.91


  • We provide cad services based on the client provided design drawings.

Presentation Modeling:

  • We provide 3D rendering images for building exterior and interior according to the client’s requirement.